AlzProtect was founded in 2007 by Dr. André Delacourte, one of the pioneers in research on Alzheimer's disease, and Prof. Patricia Melnyk, expert in medicinal chemistry.



André Delacourte, PhD

PhD in Neurobiology, former Research Director of INSERM U422 (presently UMR-S1172), Lille

Pioneer in the molecular characterization of neurodegenerative diseases such as tauopathies, amyloidopathies and synucleopathies. Author on 250 international publications and Inventor on 4 patents in the field of diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's Disease.


Pr. Patricia Melnyk, PhD

PhD in Chemistry
Professor of chemistry at Lille 2 University.

15 years experience in combinatorial and medicinal chemistry. Leads a research team of 12 chemists at Lille 2 University (Medecine and Pharmacy).