Executive board

Philippe Verwaerde, PhD

Chief Executive Officer/ Chief Scientific Officer

26 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry (Organon, GlaxoWellcome, Biovitrum) and biotecs (DevGen, GenFit). Co-founder of two biotecs (Vivactis, iNovacia).

Laurent Dupire, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Laurent Dupire has 15 years of experience in the Biotech industry. He cofounded Proteaxis, has worked at Genes diffusion and was the manager of the Nutrition, Health and Longevity pole during 5 years in Lille (Northern France)

Noelle Callizot

Pharmacology PhD

Cecilia Estrella, PhD

Senior Neuropharmacologist

20 years of international experience in Neuroscience Research.

Regulatory Pre-clinical development & chemistry

Stéphane Burlet, PhD

Regulatory pre-clinical development / Chemistry Manager

16 years of experience in pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Intellectual Property

Cyrille Brantis, Ingénieur

Intellectual Property manager

15 years of international experience in biotech companies (UK, BE) and IP firm.

Office management

Nathalie Faltraue